This post is going to be a bit of a life update since I have neglected my blog for so long, but do not stress for it will also directly relate to the Internet.

I haven’t updated my blog since April because May became quite hectic for me.

I graduated.


My family came to visit.


And I got a job within the same week. In a few short days, all of our stuff had to be packed and moved 484 miles to my new home in Hugo, Oklahoma.

Internet was a necessary utility of course, so I went in to the local cable company, SuddenLink, and signed up for the high speed Internet/cable TV package. We had cable in Columbia and though we had a few connection issues, overall we were happy with the package. We had phone, 10 mbps Internet and cable that included a DVR box.

I was surprised for the price of the package (~$79 a month) that we weren’t getting any deals. Only 56 channels and no DVR or cable box of any kind. It was the Internet, however, which really irritated me. After using it for a few days we were confused why YouTube videos wouldn’t load and we’d get kicked off any online games. We checked the speed and were amazed that we were topping out at only 128 k. We visited the SuddenLink office and discovered that our package was, in fact, for 128 k. I guess I should have clarified what “high speed” meant. To upgrade just a little in speed was going to be $15 more.

Frustrated, we decided to do our research. Turns out that in this small town DSL is actually faster than cable. So at the beginning of this week we took the plunge, ditched SuddenLink for good and got an AT&T/DirecTV package. For the same price, we get 200 channels with a DVR box and a lovely 6 mbps download speed. Joyous day! I am all about getting the most for my money so I think this was a wise switch.

Also, our SlingBox now works.

What’s sad is the lady who works at SuddenLink didn’t even bother trying to convince us to stay, she even admitted to having AT&T herself.

I am, however, frustrated that I did not know about the Blizzard deal running with DirecTV before purchasing everything. I could have gotten a free in-game WoW pet and got to watch BlizzCon for free. 🙁  It’s always something.

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