Fashion is not my strong suit. I think I have a general idea of what’s cute but for the last four years of college my regular wardrobe has mostly consisted of Mizzou T-shirts and jeans. My footwear is usually flip flops or a pair of flats in the warm months and Converse or snow boots when it gets cooler. Now, I’m about to graduate (yay!) and am thinking I should probably be a bit more stylish and adult in my dress. But this world of fashion can be so confusing!

So, being the nerd that I am, I of course turned to the Internet. I found, a site where you can create sets of clothing, bags and accessories to get ideas for outfits.

I am clearly no fashionista but within about 30 minutes I had created:

The cool thing about Polyvore is people can comment and critique your outfits. You also can view other people’s Polyvores to get some ideas. Here’s a few popular ones today:
As you can see, you can pick your outfit right down to the perfume and make up. The site also gives you prices and links to where you can buy the items, but some of them are a bit outrageous. Those wedge teal sandals I picked out? Yeah, they’re $438.84. That’s definitely out of my price range for clothes.
However, it is a great way to get ideas to take to the more affordable places like Kohl’s and Target in your search. I’m pretty positive I can find something similar in the mall if I were in love with that piece.
Go out and be fabulous, Webophiles!

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