It all started with a video (this post is going to be YouTube heavy).

Ju from D4L (the guys that did the “Laffy Taffy” song) posted “Been Counting Money”:
Where he coins the phrase “been had money” over and over again.

A young, nerdy guy named Cody Clarke decided to one up Ju with his own version, “Been Had Movies”:

Where he shows off his plentiful collection of DVDs.

Ju, not to be shown up, responded himself with “Been Had Bootleg Movie”:

Then, the clowns over at Attack of the Show, decided to get on action for cable television glory:

You would think this would be the end, but no. Cody Clarke is already planning his response video with suggestions such as:

– Been had books
– Been had board games
– Been had pillows
– Been had girls (pillowfighting)
– Been had panties
– Been had lego
– Been had monopoly money
– Been had Bens (Photos of famous people with the first name Ben)
– Been had has-beens (Photos of has-beens)
– Been had laffy taffy
– Been had drugs
– Been had water
– Been killed a man before
– Bin had laden

Ju even called him up and they are now collaborating on future videos and possibly even a song.

YouTube brings people together. <3

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