This hasn’t received coverage as of yet in the local papers. Though, my editor tells me it is being worked on.

Mizzou did well this last football season. The Tigers finished the season with 12-2, only losing to one team. They won the Big 12 North Title against heated rival Kansas. Then, were arguably robbed of a BCS Bowl to enter the AT&T Cotton Bowl where they won a 38-7 victory against Arkansas.

A swelling of pride has engulfed both students and alumni.

Video game manufacturer EA Sports is developing its NCAA 09 College Football video game for the Wii. It will be the first NCAA game for the Wii and so they are having a contest for which college mascot will make this year’s cover. Fans can visit the game’s Web site at to vote once per day for their team’s mascot.

The question is, will Mizzou’s sudden success bring about a Truman the Tiger cover?

EA Sports MU Campus representative, Steven Farrow writes on a Facebook group promoting the voting:

“I asked my boss at EA and they said Truman was in the top 10 in voting so far so keep up the good work and lets get Truman on the cover.”

This is quite a feat for Mizzou who has typically been a school just under the radar outside of the Big 12 Conference.

We shall see how the under”tiger” fares in this competition.

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