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Aug 18, 2012

ATTN Bronies: Stop It

 OK, we get it already. Daddy didn’t love you enough or maybe a little too much, either way we’re tired of your My Little Pony fetish taking over every forum and website. If you’re lucky enough to not know, let me explain. A Brony is a grown-ass man who is obsessed with the new My Little Pony cartoon. Yes, the one where little pink and purple ponies with rainbows and “cutie marks” bounce around and do childish things and learn about deep things like friendship and sharing.

I first heard about Bronies on the Something Awful forums. Shortly after the show came out, the forum was flooded with pony avatars. I found the thread where it all started and people were insisting that this show is 1. Well animated, 2. Has a great storyline, and 3. Super funny! So, since I’m a fan of animation and all of the above, I decided to check it out. I watched an episode. And then another. I did a YouTube search for “My Little Pony funny scenes.” I found this.

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Aug 7, 2012

YouTubesday: Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

I’m going to try this new thing where every Tuesday I post a YouTube video I find interesting, funny, or weird (I end up on the weird part of YouTube a lot, OK?).

Today, enjoy “Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg).”  It’s a fan-made short film based in the universe of the Portal games.  Do yourself a favor and watch in full screen HD.

I think I can safely speak for everyone in saying, this needs to be a movie.

Aug 7, 2012

Got to do what your muse compels

For me, the Humble Music Bundle could not have come at a more perfect time. I had recently started listening to Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot on Spotify after a little incident on Reddit revealed that my previous-favorite Nerdcore rapper MC Chris is a giant douchebag.

If you’re not familiar, the Humble Bundle is a project that usually offers up a bundle of indie video games for an incredibly low price. You pay what you want, but to get the entire bundle you’ll need to pay at least a cent above the average. You then decide how much of your money goes to charity, the artists and the site. The charities it supports are Child’s Play, which works to give video games to children stuck in hospitals, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which defends free speech, privacy, etc. in the digital sphere (basically think of it as the enemy of bills like SOPA).

So, back to my story, just as I was getting into Frontalot’s tunes, Humble Bundle announced its first-ever music bundle with not only 20 awesome tracks by MC Frontalot but 14 songs by Jonathan Coulton (famous for the “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone” Portal themes), and a plethora of music from OK GO, They Might Be Giants, Christopher Tin, and Hitoshi Sakimoto. All for 8 bucks! How could I say no?

Even if you don’t typically “pay for music,” this one is just worth it. You’re getting the fully licensed, legal music of some incredibly cool artists and giving to charity for $8. There’s 2 days left as of this post, so get on it!

With that I leave you with this.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, you awkward souls

Why not use a holiday as an excuse to resurrect from the blog grave? This site is now a zombie, fully animate and ready to partake in some brains.

I was looking for funny geek Valentines to post on my Facebook and just wasn’t finding a good site that had a bunch all in one place. Several blogs had “themes” like Star Wars-, science- or video game-themed Valentines, but I wanted just a bunch of them from all spectrum of nerd in one place. So here I am, solving a problem that probably no one else in the world has.

I gathered these Valentines from all over, and so don’t have any attribution. I can confirm that I did not make any of them! Feel free to print them out and give them to your sweeties today in place of expensive chocolates, jewelry, flowers and Ming vases. I am positive it will go over well.

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Jul 10, 2010

Blizzard backs down on real names, now what?

So this past week, WoW players threw a fit when Blizzard announced that upon release of Starcraft II they would be forcing players to use their real names in the online forums. This news came on the heels of some really innovative things Blizzard has been doing with Similar to Steam‘s model but just for Blizzard games, you’re now able to log into all of your Blizzard games through a single account. You will be able to contact people on your friends list through this account, no matter which game or realm they are on, and you can allow real life friends (or whomever you wish) to see your real name and search for you with RealID.

The logic, Blizzard claimed, behind forcing forum users to use their real names is that it would curb trolling and general forum debauchery like that which occurs on a daily basis on the World of Warcraft Forums. WoW players knew that they would be next and much bawling ensued. Some of the arguments were a bit far-fetched like female players crying the blues that they didn’t want to be “discovered” and “stalked.” I think most of them are giving themselves waaay too much credit. In reality, a lot of the complaints were also from fat dudes who have been playing sexy female Night elves and don’t want their cover blown.

Starlight?! Noooooo. I gave you all that gold to be my beautiful elf wife.

Some arguments were legitimate like workplace discrimination and people applying to jobs not wanting future employers to Google them, find out they play WoW and dismiss their application. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stereotypes surrounding gamers, especially WoW players, so I can understand this stance. Of course there’s also the trolls who will harass you in real life too now with your real name for all to see. The major sentiment was that implementing this system harms the good players and really will do little to deter the trolls. I mean, it’s proven that real names don’t stop a lot of people from making asses of themselves online. Just look at Facebook, real names, photos, personal identifying information and all doesn’t stop people from trolling and generally making uncouth comments.

Blurred to protect the innocent?

Blizzard backs down

As people began threatening account cancellation and more sites picked up the story, Blizzard finally abandoned the real name concept. The CEO posted on the forum yesterday: Continue reading »

May 13, 2010

You buy your glasses at the eye doctor? That’s so 1999.

I know I make a lot of posts about finding deals online. What can I say? I’m a bargain girl. But lately, the subject of glasses has come up a lot. The necessary evil. Glasses are one of those things you have to have in order to see but they cost a lot. Most people will simply purchase the most affordable/nicest looking pair from their doctor’s office and then be stuck with them for years — until their next appointment and they get a new prescription or until they break. This sucks.

First of all, glasses are a fashion accessory besides being a necessity. You should be able to have multiple pairs to wear in different situations/with different outfits.

ugly glasses

Don't get stuck with a pair of these for the next four years because you paid $180 for them and thought they looked ironically cool at the time you tried them on.

Second, you should always have a back up pair in case of the inevitable: You sit on them, you step on them, you drop them, you lose them behind the mattress in a night of passion, whatever.

A few months back, I had a major prescription overhaul. I apparently went from astigmatism but basically able to see without glasses to oh my God why are you driving you’re totally blind you’re going to kill us all. Anyway, after the doc gave me the little paper saying I have broken eyeballs, I skipped out of there, waving goodbye to the sad glasses sales lady.

From the warm glow of my monitor, I then purchased these bad boys:
order_thumbHow much? $100? No. $60? No. $35? No. $20? No, no, no. Wait for it…$8 (plus a little shipping). I get compliments and am asked a lot about where I got them (and the pair I had before) and people seem surprised I got them online. A lot of people have heard of the good deals on glasses online but I think they feel it’s too good to be true and stick with the old school methods. But I am here today to tell you that I have used two different online sites and have been completely satisfied and completely not scammed.

The site I bought this most recent pair from is Their glasses range in price from $8 to about $30 and that includes the prescription. There are extra charges for bifocals, adding tint, transitions and other special things but who needs that stuff.

I know the site looks a bit sketch, I mean what’s up with this guy?

Sup, guys? Don't mind me I'm just a throwback to Geocities.

Sup, guys? Don't mind me I'm just a throwback to Geocities.

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