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Nov 10, 2012

Spoiler alert! Not cool, The Walking Dead Facebook page. Not cool.

One of my biggest pet peeves is spoilers.  I’m the kind of person who even avoids watching too many trailers.  I hate trailers that are long and give too much away.  After watching the initial trailer for something I want to see, I’ll usually avoid the rest.  There’s nothing like watching a movie or TV show and discovering things along with the characters in front of you.  It makes you a part of the story.  So when something crucial is spoiled, you lose that moment.  It possibly ruins the whole episode or movie.

There’s obviously a time period for any medium when you’ll just have to accept that people will talk about something.  I mean if you get mad that someone spoils the end of The Sixth Sense for you by now, you need to get over it.  But I do think that time period for talking spoilers is now much later than what it used to be.  Back in the day, if you missed an episode you were out of luck unless you had a friend record it for you or you caught a special rerun weeks later.  With the Internet and DVRs today, people aren’t beholden to cable providers’ schedules.  People set their DVRs to automatically record their favorite shows, watch them online a few days or weeks after premiering on TV or even wait until an entire season comes to Netflix.

We completely cut cable two years ago and it was the best decision we ever made.  We save hundreds of dollars a year and are perfectly content with catching up on older shows and movies on Netflix and streaming newer shows online when necessary.  No regrets!

One of our current favorite shows (along with half of the country) is The Walking Dead.  We watched Season 1 on Netflix and have watched Season 2 and now Season 3 on AMC’s website.  AMC streams each episode on their website two days after it shows on TV.  If you watched last Sunday’s episode you’ll know it was a doozie.  So, I’d love to know why the official The Walking Dead Facebook page thought it was a great idea to post its biggest spoiler on that day!

I’m going to link to a screenshot to show what I’m talking about after the break.  You are being warned.  If you are not caught up to episode 303 of The Walking Dead, then do not click that link.

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Mar 6, 2009

To TV or not to TV?

So it seems like people are abandoning their TVs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to complain about a commercial or missing my favorite show when I am reminded how out of fashion I am. Who watches TV anyway? Well, at least, on a TV. Yesterday, a guy in one of my classes was looking at the newspaper and someone asked what he was reading. “Oh just the TV guide, looking to see what’s on tonight,” he responded. Someone scoffed at him, “just watch them online!”

Now-a-days all the cool kids watch their favorite shows online shortly after, or sometimes even while, they premiere on the cable channel. Who needs constant commercial breaks highlighting various products when they can have a few short ads for just one product. All the stations now have their shows streaming on their Web sites: ABC, Spike, and Comedy Central to name a few. Or, if you’re looking for all your favorite shows from the various channels in one place, Hulu is for you. Not only does Hulu have TV shows, it also has feature length movies like Liar Liar and Rocky; whatever you’d expect to be playing at some point in time during the day while you’re at work or school. Continue reading »