Last post, I talked about sites I believe are legitimate ways of earning money or prizes online. Now I’m going to talk about a site I am completely unsure of. I make no promises to anyone that joins Lockerz. lockerz-main_full

The premise of Lockerz is that you join their site and earn “ptz” by answering a daily survey question, logging in and inviting friends. When you invite 20 people, you become a “Z-lister” and get double “ptz.” Yeah, the names are lame. Anyway, the site is still in Beta but as of now you can only spend your points on redemption days. The thing that has made Lockerz users angry is that they will not tell you when redemption is, only that it is “coming” and could happen at any time on any day usually near the end of the month. That means you basically have to sit at your computer refreshing the redemption page for 24 hours straight for five days to ensure you get the chance to spend your points.

The prizes include DVDs and video games to PS3s, Xboxes, Nintendo DS, PSPs, Wiis, iPods and even laptops. The amount of points to buy these items varies and makes little sense. For instance, DVDs are more points than video games. You won’t know what prizes will be available until the redemption site opens and because of the large amount of users, you have to have light speed mouse skills because every prize sells out about two seconds after the page goes live. This results in many angry comments all over Lockerz Facebook fanpage, which they completely ignore.

The other part of Lockerz is the random video blogs they post almost daily that I am pretty sure no one watches. They’re usually some hipster inside jokes or have some semi-famous band that I’ve never heard of doing something wacky. Funny story, I commented on their Facebook page that no one cares about their videos and they deleted the comment then blocked me. Touchy subject I guess.

They seem to try to appease the rabid masses of angry followers by offering “freebies,” which are usually crappy wallpapers with the Lockerz logo or something to do with their dog, which is another thing pretty much no one cares about.

<b>OK this dog is cute and stuff but really no one cares. Why is the site down again?</b>
OK this dog is cute and stuff but really no one cares. Why is the site down again?

Apparently there’s a whole site dedicated to ousting Lockerz as a scam. I wouldn’t be too surprised because there is no advertising at the moment and I’m pretty confused about how they’re making money and able to give away free electronics. But, since I’ve already got an account and it takes about a whole minute of my day to get points, I’ll keep using it. Maybe when it gets out of Beta it won’t be such a festering piece of crap. Until that day I’m saving up for the iPod Touch baby (voice in my head: “that’s cute kid, keep dreamin’!”)

If, after reading all this, you still would like an invite to Lockerz, leave a comment with your email address (you can write it like username at email dot com to prevent spam) or email me using the contact link above and I’ll toss one your way.

One thought to “Lockerz: I just don’t get it”

  1. I got the invite to the site, and looked at it. Figured it was a scam, the site wasn’t very user friendly and it pissed me off.

    But you’re right. Nobody gives a fuck about their hipster-garbage videos and I guess they’re like every other retarded group on Facebook that updates daily. I have one that literally every 4 hours on the dot posts some new and exciting comment about God or existentialism, which usually causes an uproar of atheists that ends when I point out they’re being trolled by the 13-year-old.

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