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Feb 28, 2008

“Hello world!” and other such cliches.

To Blog

I have had a number of these little online journals in the past. I’ve tried LiveJournal, Xanga, and Blogger several times. Many web sites incorporate their own blogging functions including MySpace and Facebook. In the past, I have used blogs to stay in touch with friends far away. I have also used blogs as journalistic tools and for school assignments.

Now, I want a blog for myself and for whoever may be inclined to read.

This will be a place to write about what I see. Perhaps comment on an article, issue or event. Perhaps add more information to a story I see lacking something. I find myself constantly reading. I am quite addicted to the Internet and all it has to offer. Information overload some say but I can’t get enough. I hear a big story and I search for every bit of information I can find. It’s amazing to be able to know so much.


I love being a part of the discussion. This is an issue that journalist’s often encounter. They want to be a part of the “third place.” The place where people are discussing, debating, where people talk about life. This is where the real stories come from. These can be coffee shops, clubs, restaurants, bars, offices, and in modern times people find themselves on the Web. I find myself lurking these local Online alcoves of discussion. I find them on local message boards, Craigslist, Facebook, and commenting on stories. I have found stories this way and sometimes I just follow an interesting debate on a hot local topic like red light cameras or smoking bans. If you know what the people are saying, you’re better prepared to talk to them about it in an interview. Continue reading »