About Me


Hello! Since my name is plastered everywhere, I’m sure you’re wondering who I am.

By day, I’m a former journalist who now works for “the other side” as a Product Marketing Manager. I enjoy marketing because I get to be creative and work across teams to tell our company’s and customers’ stories. That includes creating website content, writing direct mail ads, developing e-mail campaigns, social media strategies and PR. I also take part in what goes into the product and sales and support strategies. Basically, if there is a text or design element, I’ve had my hand in it somewhere along the way. Please view my resume and check out my portfolio for more details.

In my free time, you might say I’m a geek. I play Dungeons & Dragons at least once a week. I make sure I carry a purse big enough to hold my 3DS. I cosplay. I game (tabletop and PC). My hobbies are knitting and painting miniature figures for gaming. I love to travel and indulge in local culture. I read. I wish I dedicated a bit more time to personal writing (sorry, blog!). I have way too many plastic pop culture figures (they’re not toys, mom!). And, I’m always looking for another podcast to check out.

If you’d like to talk about any of the above, let’s connect! In the meantime, enjoy my site.