About Me


Hello! Since my name is plastered everywhere, I’m sure you’re wondering who I am.

By day, I’m a marketing manager with a background in journalism. I enjoy marketing because I get to be creative and work across teams to tell my company’s and customers’ stories. That includes creating website content, writing direct mail ads, developing e-mail campaigns, working on social media strategies and PR. I also have experience working with UX in product and working closely with sales and support for better customer communication. Good communication is the key to a good product.

In my free time you’ll often find me participating in Dungeons & Dragons sessions or other tabletop activities around the Oklahoma City metro. At home, I dabble in PC gaming, miniature painting, podcasting, knitting, sewing and cat cuddling. I’m a lover of sci-fi, fantasy and the art of animation.

I have a passion for charity work and growing the gaming community in Oklahoma. I’m a board member for Children’s Miracle Network in Oklahoma City, where I facilitate Extra Life fundraising events throughout the metro. I also coordinate social media and other marketing efforts for SoonerCon, Oklahoma’s longest-running pop culture, gaming, fantasy and sci-fi convention.

View my resume and check out my portfolio to learn more about my work history. Please reach out to me via this site or any of my social channels if you’d like to connect.