Nerd levels rising: my first cosplay

I successfully created my first cosplay and debuted it for Halloween this year. It’s a female version of the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who:


For reference, here’s what the character looks like:


It all started when I found the jacket at a Goodwill. It may not be easy to tell from the photo but it’s basically spot on, right down to the red lines in the plaid design. I then ordered the Sonic Screwdriver from Hot Topic on sale, the white button-up blouse and black skirt came from Old Navy, the hose from Walmart, and ordered the bow tie and suspenders from Amazon. I already had the booties, which worked out perfectly. I finished it all off with TARDIS earrings from Hot Topic (you can’t tell from the photo unfortunately).

Overall, I’m really happy with how it came together. I’ll be wearing it again to the 50th Anniversary episode: The Day of the Doctor in theaters. I’m hoping I won’t be the only one dressed up. 🙂

Bonus, my Pokemon pumpkin carving: